“Talk Show News”: The reasons for the ignition of Faisal’s drug … and the developments in Houria Farghali’s health condition


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Yesterday, Monday, talk show programs discussed a number of local and Arab issues and issues, by hosting a number of specialized personalities.

Developments in the case of Houria Farghali

The artist, Rania Mahmoud Yassin, revealed the latest developments in the health of the artists, Houria Farghali, after she traveled for a nose surgery, explaining that the operation is supposed to take place on Tuesday evening.

“Yassin” said during a telephone interview in the “Cairo Talk” broadcast on the “Cairo and People” channel and presented by Karima Awad, “The last time I contacted her was two days ago, two hours before her departure, to conduct the operation that would take 9 hours.” She knew nothing about her and was concerned about her condition during the procedure.

“She is waiting for a call from a member of her family in the coming days to reassure me about her health condition,” she added, noting that Houria Farghali told her that she would spend two weeks in the hospital and that she would talk to her on her own if she could.

“If there is a development in her condition, I will publish it via social media, as I receive many questions about her from her fans,” she continued.

The fate of EgyptAir flights to Saudi Arabia after it suspended entry to those coming from 20 countries, including Egypt

Amr Abu Al-Anin, President of EgyptAir, explained the company’s executive procedures, after Saudi Arabia suspended entry to arrivals from 20 countries, including Egypt, explaining that the company is awaiting a statement from the Saudi Ministry of Civil Aviation and the Egyptian Ministry of Civil Aviation.

“Abu Al-Anin” added during a telephone interview on the “Final Word” program broadcast on the “on” channel and presented by the media to Mays Al-Hadidi, “But we have started preparing to deal with the decision, as we have daily trips to Jeddah, Dammam, Riyadh, Qasim and Madinah. To Jeddah, two flights to Dammam, as well as Riyadh, and three flights a week to Qassim », adding that those flights depart from Cairo airport only, and there are other flights departing from Alexandria airport.

He explained, “Tomorrow we have ten trips, and only 6 of them will be carried out, including one to Jeddah, another to Medina, and another to Dammam and Qassim. As for the rest of the flights, some of them will try to change their dates, and others will have to cancel them,” noting that the deadline for the departure of the flights is the hour Three in the afternoon, and the flights that are supposed to leave after that will be canceled, and that these are initial measures until the decision is officially circulated.

The fate of the transit flights after the Kingdom’s decision

Ambassador Osama bin Ahmed Naqli, Ambassador of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to Egypt, explained the fate of transit flights after the Kingdom’s decision, saying that there are exceptional cases.

He added, “If the arrivals are from the categories excluded from the decision, they can enter the Kingdom, but those who present must abide by the controls referred to in the statement and quarantine for a period of 14 days inside the Kingdom before practicing their activities.”

The Vice President of the Egyptian Council for African Affairs comments on the visit of the President of the Congo to Egypt

Ambassador Salah Halima, Vice President of the Egyptian Council for African Affairs, said that the visit of the President of the Congo to Egypt at this time and before assuming the presidency of the African Union is of great importance.

“Halima” explained during a telephone interview in the “Al-Hayat Al-Youm” program broadcast on “Al-Hayat” channel and presented by journalist Muhammad Mustafa Shardi, “Egypt and the Congo are two pivotal countries in the African continent and they have weight and influence on international affairs, in addition to the fact that Congo is one of the Nile Basin countries. She has a vision in this regard with regard to cooperation between the Nile Basin countries, and her vision may coincide with the views of Egypt and Sudan.

He added, “Also, with regard to the Renaissance Dam, because it takes from international law and the bilateral and tripartite agreements related to this issue as a basis and a basis for cooperation and not collision.”

Reasons for the ignition of Faisal drug

Muhammad Mustafa, head of the Chemical and Nuclear Engineering Division at the Syndicate of Engineers, explained the reasons for the Faisal property being ignited, explaining that all factories must have specific places, so that they are far from populated areas, especially if they have a degree of danger.

“Mustafa” added during his meeting with the journalist Yusef al-Husseini on the “Ninth” program broadcast on the “Al-Oula” satellite channel, “In the aforementioned incident there is a shoe factory on the first floor of the property, and it extends over its entire area, and leather factories depend mainly on artificial leather and solvents. Organic and flammable adhesives ».

“There are materials used by shoe factories that are flammable materials, such as thinner, which belongs to the second level of highly flammable materials,” he added, pointing out that the presence of a small factory in these places is not in danger of having a large factory storing more flammable materials, which makes it a high degree of The seriousness.

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