Tariq Suleiman: Al-Shennawi is better than Nuer … and his character should be taught


Tariq Suleiman, the former goalkeeper coach of Al-Ahly and the former Al-Ahly Bank, said that Mohamed El-Shennawi, the Red Genie goalkeeper, is better than his counterpart Manuel Neuer, the protector of Bayern Munich’s lair, stressing that his character should be studied in books.

Al-Ahly beat Al-Duhail, Qatar, with a clean goal, in the second round of the Club World Cup 2020 in Qatar, to set an expected date in the semi-finals next Monday with the giant European champion Bayern Munich.

In response to his question about the best between Al-Shenawi and Nuer, Tariq Soliman responded in an intervention to the “Al-Allaib” program on MBC Egypt: “El-Shenawi, I’m not kidding.”

He added, “Let’s be realistic. Al-Shennawi is performing well with Al-Ahly and the national team, and has achieved what he has achieved after fatigue and effort.”

He explained: “Mohamed El-Shenawy has a strong personality and returned after 8 years outside Al-Ahly to become the first goalkeeper for Al-Ahly and the Egyptian national team. When he returned, he did not play easily and participated in the main after a year and a half.”

“Al-Shennawi participated in the World Cup and won the best player award in the Uruguay match, and he is currently a vivid example for young and old goalkeepers (a book and all the needs that he went through are taught),” the former Al-Ahly guards coach concluded.


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