Tariq Yahya: For Marwan and Al-Jaziri, “Carving in the Rocks.”


Tariq Yahya, head of football sectors at Zamalek Club, confirmed that the newly joined Marwan Hamdi and Saif El Din Al Jaziri duo to the white team should “carve in the rocks”, adding that small teams always cause the team to lose the league.

Zamalek suffered its first defeat this season against Ghazl El Mahalla, 2-1, in the match that brought them together in the 11th round of the Egyptian We League championship.

During phone statements to the “Be On Time” program broadcast on “On Time Sports”, Yahya said: “Ayman Hefni’s return is a generous sign from the temporary committee that runs the club regarding what the player presented. Ayman is a player who deserves this honor, if we allow us to call him the word” Honoring”.

He added, “The decision to enter the team rests with coach Jimmy Pacheco if he finds he has the determination, determination and ability to regain his physical fitness.”

He continued: “Al-Ahly did this before with Moamen Zakaria as a kind of loyalty, those talents such as Moamen Zakaria, Walid Suleiman and Mahmoud Abdel-Razek Shikabala (I don’t find them every day), so we have to preserve them.”

Regarding the loss to Al-Ghazl, the former Zamalek coach said: “A sudden loss after the technical and physical level that the team reached during the past matches, but I am against excessive optimism and pessimism in winning or defeating.”

And he continued: “In the clearing match, Pacheco was the best, and in front of spinning Mahalla, the conversation was reversed. Liverpool won the league championship last season, weeks before its end, and the current season wins and loses.”

He continued: “Certainly, I am sad about the loss, but there was a kind of overconfidence among the players, with respect to the Mahalla team and its coach Khaled Eid. Zamalek had a great opportunity to end the match in its first half. Small teams cause Zamalek to lose the league every season.”

When asked about contracting with Marwan and Al-Jaziri, he said: “Each player has different capabilities from the other. Both have good capabilities, but it is difficult to judge them at the present time.”

He concluded: “They have to sculpt in the rocks, and I tell them that you were playing for non-popular clubs that were not under pressure. Now the situation is different and there are people who will hold you accountable.”

It is worth noting that Zamalek contracted 3 deals during the winter transfer period, they are Ayman Hefni, Marwan Hamdi Saif Al-Din Al-Jaziri.


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