The Ahly Jeddah show raises a crisis between Al-Winch and Mahmoud Alaa


The offer of Ahly Jeddah to borrow Mahmoud Alaa, the Zamalek defender, caused a crisis between him and his teammate Mahmoud Al-Wensh, an offer that the Zamalek administration refused hours before the end of the winter registration period.

A source inside Zamalek revealed that the offer of Ahly Jeddah was for the sake of borrowing Mahmoud Al-Wensh for a period of 6 months, but the club management refused to give up the player and rejected the offer completely as it refused to discuss it with the player or his agent.

The source added that one of the players’ agents offered Mahmoud Alaa to Ahly Jeddah as an alternative to Mahmoud Al-Wansh, while granting the Saudi club management a promise to persuade the management of Zamalek and Mahmoud Alaa to move to the Saudi team, which happened after the agent spoke with Mahmoud Alaa and the latter agreed, and Alaa pressured the club management from He postponed approval of his loan hours before the closing of the winter registration door, and a meeting was held with the Zamalek administration on January 30 evening at the club to persuade them to leave, but the Zamalek administration refused and stipulated the departure of Mahmoud Alaa, if contracting with Osama Jalal, a former Enppi defender who recently joined Pyramids.

Mahmoud Al-Wensh knew of his colleague Mahmoud Alaas attempts to pressure the administration to approve the offer of Ahly Jeddah, which made him feel upset and considered that Mahmoud Alaa and his agent had diverted the show from the winch to Mahmoud Alaa, and Al-Winch spoke with his close colleagues in the team and assured them that Mahmoud Alaa should have He talks to him personally about the offer from Ahli Jeddah before raising the matter officially with the management, to strain the relationship of the couple.

On the other hand, the Portuguese Jaime Pacheco, the coach of the Zamalek team, preferred between Saif Al-Jaziri and Marwan Hamdi, who recently joined the ranks of the team in the last winter transfers to lead the team’s attack in the upcoming Al-Ittihad Alexandria match in the league scheduled for February 7 in the matches of the 12th round of the competition.

The Portuguese coach asked the assistant to set up an intensive rehabilitation program for the pair during the current period because of his desire to rely on one of them in the basic formation in light of the striker’s explicit absence from Zamalek matches after the departure of Mustafa Mohamed to the Turkish League.

A source inside the technical staff revealed that the Portuguese Pacheco wants to involve Saif Al-Jaziri, mainly to keep Marwan Hamdi on the bench in the Al-Ittihad match, especially that he wants to change the way of playing by not relying on an outspoken striker, which is the way in which Al-Jaziri is better than Marwan Hamdi. In addition, Saif Al-Jaziri participated with Al-Mokawloon in all previous matches, making him the most ready to participate with Zamalek.


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