The American doctor stops the surgery of Houria Farghali due to the decrease in hemoglobin


The American doctor treating the case of the artist Houria Farghaly decided to stop the surgery, minutes before going through it, as he discovered with the analyzes the low level of hemoglobin in the blood of a nymph, and this came due to a nymph bruising in the head 24 hours before undergoing the operation, which made that bruise affect Hemoglobin and decided to stop surgery due to the seriousness of the situation.

It is scheduled that the results of the new analyzes will appear in the coming hours, specifically at eleven oclock in the evening, Chicago time, in order to determine and date for the first surgery as soon as possible, until the stability of the health condition of Horeya.

And he had surprised the world doctor Houria Farghali and her family upon his arrival in the United States of America, that he would conduct 3 direct surgeries, where the first operation would be the deduction of bones from her chest, then the second operation would be done, and it would be about building bones in the place of the nose, and the operation The third and final will be 20 days after the second operation, which is a rehabilitation of a nymph to place the bones directly in the correct place until they return to normal shape..

The world doctor also placed Houria Farghaly on oxygen machines now for 48 hours, in order for the “blood” in the body to be filled with oxygen, so that the doctor could perform the first operation with a large amount of oxygen in the blood, specifically in the face area..

The star Houria Farghali confirmed in her interview with Al-Youm Al-Sabe ‘television that her brother, son and sister accompanied her during the operation on February 2, adding: “She is afraid of pain or pain, and I don’t know whether I will live or die, and praise be to God, all the procedures are now successfully completed.“.

About her current spirits, she said: “I don’t believe all people love me. I contacted me. I was difficult for them and they felt about me. I suffered from bullying for years. I heard insults and I did not need plastic surgery, especially because I was Miss Egypt in 2002, and the antibiotic was accompanying me while photographing artworks until they asked. Directors. “

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