The American star Manson is accused of rape … and the victims reveal what happened


And published at least five women almost simultaneously on their accounts on “Instagram”, accusations of the singer, whose original name is Brian Hugh Warner.

Even Rachel Wood, 33, confirms that the singer He “psychologically manipulated her” when she was under the age of twenty, saying that she had subsequently been subjected to “horrific violations for years”.

The actress, who was especially known for her role in “Westworld”, was officially participating in Hayat Marilyn Manson For years, before their engagement in 2010, which lasted only a few months.

In 2018, the actress testified before the Judicial Affairs Committee in the US House of Representatives, in which she spoke of her long suffering as a victim of psychological and physical abuse.

In a message posted on Monday, the actress revealed that her assailant, whose identity had not been revealed before, was Brian Hugh Warner.

She was confirmed to Congress that she was raped several times, according to the agency “Agence France Presse.”

In the same context, four other women, who say they had a relationship with the singer, accused the two, Marilyn Manson, of manipulating them, sexual harassment, mistreatment and threatening them.

One of the women, who started her relationship with the singer in 2015, also spoke of being raped several times.

Marilyn Manson, 52, built his image on his mysterious personality, bizarre appearance, and two-color eyesight.

The women who testified on Monday, many of whom admired the artist, spoke of Marilyn Manson’s twisted methods of seducing and entrapping them, saying that he was threatening them with death or forcing them to take drugs.

And confirm victims Many women assume they suffer from PTSD.


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