The arrest of “Ahmed and Noha”, those accused of filming indecent videos in the lake


Ghada Al Dsounsi

Posted in: Wednesday 3 February 2021 – 5:18 AM | Last update: Wednesday, February 3, 2021 – 5:21 AM

The security services managed to locate the two defendants, “Ahmed and Noha”, in Al-Buhaira governorate, and arrest them, after they filmed immoral videos and broadcast them on YouTube.

Security sources revealed that the security services monitored the representative sexual video that was widely circulated on social media platforms and the famous YouTube website, and investigations showed that the video shows that a young man and a girl “Ahmed and Noha” play an explicit pornographic role, while they wear clothes and exchange warm kisses.

The sources added that the security services were able to determine the identity of the two defendants who appeared in the video, which is in Hosh Issa in the lake, and that the content provided by the defendants is explicit sexual content that contradicts public morals, the aim of which is to increase the follow-up and fame, so that they can earn large sums by achieving lineage. Watch high.

A report on the incident was edited, in preparation for submitting them to the Public Prosecution.

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