The death of Muhammad Abdul Nabi, director of Fawazir Nelly, and his burial in his hometown of Qena


The great director, Muhammad Abdul Nabi, director of Fawazir Nelly, “Umm Al-Arif”, passed away a while ago, at the age of 70. His daughter Asma told Al-Youm Al-Sabea that his body will be buried in his hometown of Qena governorate and that they are currently on the way, and he will be mourned in Qena as well, then return To complete his condolences at his home in Cairo .

Director Mohamed Abdel-Nabi was born on October 18, 1951, graduated from the Higher Institute of Cinema in 1982, and had obtained a BA from Dar Al Uloom in 1974, and was famous for directing show business, especially Fawazir Ramadan, and worked as a general manager for miscellaneous items in Channel One of Egyptian TV. Headed the Competitions Committee at the 2009 Radio and Television Festival.

Among the most important of his works are the series of spiral planning, the magicians, the Bayaa al-Mawawil, the search for Shamandal and his city, the enchanted doors, and pardon this is my right and he and others, and Fawazir Halima, Al-Ayyal, Ignant, Teatro, Indias media, Vanilla, treasure treasures and the world, his game, Qais and Layla in the city of Arabia, Umm Al-Arif, the wonders of the box of the world, the magic of Fatuta, and a thousand nights and a night. Bride of the Seas “and directed the play Malaib and Zaki is very stupid.


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