The death of my uncle .. Salah Abdullah’s daughter reveals painful situations that I was exposed to on air


Donia, the daughter of artist Salah Abdullah, revealed some difficult and strange situations that she faced while presenting her program on “Mega FM” on the air, which required her to continue and not cut off the air. Donia said in an interview with the “Cairo Today” program presented by the artist Edward: We are exposed to some difficult situations, but the audience has nothing to do with what happens to us. Perhaps the most prominent of these difficult situations is the death of my uncle and I was on the air at that time, but they can reach me, but after the completion of the program I reached out to them.

Dunya added: Among the painful situations also and the anti-Semitism that I experienced during the birth of my friend and colleague Lina, whose condition was serious, as well as the newborn, and although I was very affected by this matter, it was necessary for me to pretend to hold on to the air and did not appear to show any signs of sadness and I was in the interval collapsed in Cry and then come back to the air for my nature.


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