The deputy of Ismailia was transferred to isolate the Suez Canal University Hospital after his health deteriorated


Dr. Ahmed Dandash, a member of Parliament from Ismailia Governorate, was transferred to the isolation department at Suez Canal University Hospital, after his health condition deteriorated during the home isolation period, following his infection with the Coronavirus last week.

A medical delegation that included Dr. Ali Hatab, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Health in Ismailia, Dr. Adel Hassan, Executive Director of Suez Canal University Hospitals, and Dr. Ahmed Anwar inspected the case of MP Ahmed Dandash inside the isolation hospital.

And Dr. Ahmed Dandash, a member of Parliament for the city of Ismailia, announced last Thursday that he had been infected with the new Corona virus, and “Dandash” said, in a statement on his official page on the social networking site Facebook, that he was infected with the virus and confirmed that the swab was positive.

The statement said, “Oh God, there is no refuge or aid from you except to you. You are capable of everything. My Lord, I have touched harm and you are the most merciful of the merciful … I apologize for not communicating by phone during this period, as long as communication with the office body is.”


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