The deterioration of the situation .. Watch a famous beauty queen in a tragic situation .. Video


The pioneers of social media were shocked like a thunderbolt after the spread of a video clip of the Queen of Kazakhstan’s money in a tragic situation.”Glenor Nortaza” “Miss Kyzylorda for the year 2017 appeared in a video clip, working inside the kitchen of a cafe in the city, washing dishes and peeling garlic and onions.

Poor Jalnur, who participated in several beauty contests in Kazakhstan, had to work in a cafe in Kyzylorda.

This is due to the difficult living conditions she is going through, according to 365info, which prompted her to take any job that she relies on, and her beauty was her greatest suffering.

After walking in luxurious dresses, she imprisoned herself behind the “apron”, and instead of arranging her steps on stage and appearing in front of the cameras in her best pictures, the poor woman is struggling to make ends meet.

Some of her acquaintances mentioned that Jalnour is going through a difficult living situation, because she has become an orphan and is forced to support herself, and because of her beauty, it is difficult for her to find decent work, because women are jealous of her, and men often make inappropriate offers for her.

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