The disclosure of the last video of Maradona before his death talking to his doctor with bandages on his head


The British Daily Mail revealed, today, Wednesday, the latest video of the late Argentine football legend Diego Maradona, in which he sent a message to his doctor while he was at his home, where he was spending a period of recovery after his brain surgery..

Maradona appeared in the video while eating soup, next to his ex-girlfriend Veronica Ojeda, who was shooting a selfie video, and in which he sent a message to his doctor, Leopoldo Locke, saying: “I suffer from bruises, but I am in good condition, you know that I do not like intimate relationships, but I can get all my energy out. Accompanied by the people I love. “


On the other hand, Delma Maradona, the daughter of the late Argentine national team legend, accused Matthias Morla, her father’s lawyer, of killing him, after the Argentine prosecutor revealed new audio messages between neurologist Leopoldo Locke and the psychiatrist Augustina Kuzakov, these recordings reveal their negligence in his case and their killing him..

The “Sky Italia” news network reported that the eldest daughter of Maradona posted a tweet through her personal account on the social networking site “Twitter”, stating: “I accused Matias Morla, Diegos lawyer, of choosing Loki to take care of my father’s health. I hope justice will be served. Let’s not forget.” The person who introduced Locke to my father, who hired him and paid him a salary, is Matthias Morla, I listened to the audio recording between Loki and the psychiatrist as I vomited, the only thing I ask from God is that justice be served! “.

Maradonas daughter added in another tweet: “I will not stop, this is the least I can do.” And the audio leaks said: “Yes, fool, the precious man seems to be suffering from a cardiac-respiratory arrest, I am going there.” Saying, “Don’t do anything, just wait for me, I’ll be there in 30 minutes.”.


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