The events of the Daughter of the Ambassador series, episode 38, on the Turkish STAR TV channel, and the channel’s frequency


Daughter of the Ambassador series, episode 38 The new episode of the Turkish series, the daughter of the ambassador, the thirty-eighth episode witnesses new and exciting events that make the series the most watched, especially after the appearance of many of the new characters in the series and also the change of the actress who was playing the role of Nara. The series became more interesting and exciting than what was previously the Turkish series. The ambassador’s daughter has many followers around the world and many Turkish drama fans are watching him.

The events of the series, the daughter of the ambassador, episode 38

The Turkish series, The Ambassador’s Daughter, is one of the interesting Turkish series that provides the watcher and the scenes with pleasure, excitement and romance. The story of the series revolves around a reality that many girls are exposed to. A virgin and the heroine tells him the painful truth when she was raped, but he did not believe her, and he expelled her from the house on the night of their wedding. Episode 38 of the Turkish series The Ambassador’s daughter revolves around many surprises, including that Yahya will become a father. The children lead a painful life like me, and also Sinjar appears with Mrs. Mary in a yacht at sea, and this is what the advertisement for episode 38 of the Turkish series, the son of the ambassador, showed us.

The date of showing the series and the broadcast channels

The Turkish series, the Ambassador’s daughter, is shown every Monday every week on the Turkish Star TV channel, and this is at exactly seven oclock in Cairo time and at exactly eight oclock Saudi time, where the episode is shown over a two-hour period.


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