The film “A Night in Hell” by Mohamed Nagati … a story presented for the first time in cinema


Artist Mohamed Nagati confirmed that he finished filming a number of scenes of his new movie “A Night in Hell”, which takes place in a frame of terror and talks about cannibals, indicating that the story of the work for the first time was presented in cinema, and he is betting strongly on it during his artistic career as he presents it in a new way And different, as he described in statements to “The Seventh Day”

The movie “Hell Night” is starring a number of artists, including Mena Fadali, Muhammad Suleiman, Nada Bahjat, Hajar Al-Sharnoubi, Muhammad Farouk Sheba, Mustafa Mansour and Sherif Ashraf.

Mohamed Nagati had expressed to “Al Youm Al Sabea” his happiness with the reactions he received on the character “Salah”, which he presented in the events of the series “Strike Maalem”, which was recently shown on CBC, and achieved great success and starring Mohamed Ragab and Mai Selim Rania Farid Shawky, Inaam Salousa and others, written by Ahmed Abdel Fattah and directed by Ismail Farouk.

Najati indicated that the work carried several important messages, including the relationship of the son with his mother and the relationship of friends with each other, indicating that he was honored to work with director Ismail Farouk, who was keen on the series coming out in a distinctive way, as well as the script written by scriptwriter Ahmed Abdel Fattah in addition to the great stars who participated in the work that issued all its episodes Search indicators on Google, one of the closest businesses to his heart.

The series “Moalem’s Blow” written by Ahmed Abdel Fattah, directed by Ismail Farouk and produced by Synergy Company, and starring: Mohamed Ragab, Mai Selim, Mohamed Nagati, Riad El-Khouly, Rania Farid Shawky, Hajar Ahmed, Mohamed Ezz, Mohsen Mansour, Salwa Othman, Enaam Salousa Yasmine Al-Bashbishi, Doaa Rajab, Muhammad Al-Sawy and a number of other artists, and its events take place in a popular context.


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