The governor of Giza reveals surprises about the “Ring Building”: We rejected its owner’s request for reconciliation


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Major General Ahmed Rashid, Governor of Giza, said that Faisal’s property near the Ring Road was built without a license in 2013, and the governorate was in the process of being removed, but after the reconciliation law, the owner of the property applied for reconciliation and the committee rejected reconciliation, and according to the law, the owner has the right to complain, and the committee is still examining the grievance.

The governor added, during a telephone interview with the “On My Responsibility” program on the Sada Al-Balad channel: “Most of the real estate apartments are uninhabited, and very few live in them, not exceeding 7 apartments,” indicating that the price of the apartment is not less than half a million pounds.

He explained that the number of building violations decreased due to discipline in 2018 and the presence of facing violations with the utmost severity, unlike previous periods that witnessed chaos.

The governor of Giza revealed the number of building violations in the governorate, stressing that 178,000 violations were counted and 35,000 removed, and after the Reconciliation Law, we received 205,000 reconciliation requests, they paid 1.5 billion pounds, the value of 25% of the requests, and the governorate still receives the requests.

He pointed out that it had not been proven that the fire broke out in a factory, adding that it was a store of sports shoes, and legal measures had been taken by the neighborhood towards the store, and he pointed out that the building belongs to the Kerdasa neighborhood and that all officials in the neighborhood will be held accountable.

He added that 3 neighboring properties were evacuated and the risk is greater in the property facing it, and the ring was opened after the arrival of an engineering committee and inspecting the property, and it proved that there is no danger on the ring road, and it recommended not to interfere with the property because it is safe at the present time.

The governor concluded: “Once the investigations are over, the property will begin to be removed after a new engineering examination, and if it is proven unsafe, the removal will take place,” denying that there is any tendency in the property as reported.

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