The Health of Representatives agrees to grant a complementary pension to families of health teams who have died in epidemics


The Health Affairs Committee of the House of Representatives reviewed, during its meeting this evening, headed by Dr. Ashraf Hatem, the committee’s two reports on two legal projects regulating blood operations and collecting plasma for the manufacture and export of its derivatives, establishing a medical emergency response fund.

The committee approved the two projects after introducing a simple amendment in the bill establishing the Emergency Medical Response Fund, in preparation for submitting them to the Council.

Dr. Mahmoud Abu al-Khair, Undersecretary of the Health Affairs Committee, said that the meeting witnessed a proposal to add an article in the draft law to establish a medical emergency fund, and the committee agreed to it, and stipulates that the injured and deceased from the health team due to infection or an epidemic of infectious diseases and epidemics be granted an integral pension By the fund, and that the executive regulations specify the value of the pension due, and thus the martyrs of Corona patients from the health team who lost them will benefit from this law, continuing: “And that is the least thing we would offer them for their families to have a respectable pension from which they can benefit.”

The Health Affairs Committee in the House of Representatives had finished discussing the two projects during the past months after they were referred by the government, and approved them, but they were not discussed in the plenary session, and with the start of the new House of Representatives convening this January, the government announced its adherence to the draft laws submitted by it to the Council. Including these two laws, and after their presentation to the committee, they are ready for discussion in the plenary session at any time determined by the council.

According to the explanatory note for the draft law establishing a medical emergency fund, she indicated that Egypt and the world have recently witnessed an unprecedented catastrophic health crisis in terms of its widespread spread and the severity of its political, social and economic repercussions, namely the emerging corona virus (Covid-19) pandemic. The countries of the whole world did not differentiate between political borders, continents or cultures, and these effects extended to include forcing the state to isolate or close the borders, and economically that crisis affected economic and development gains achieved, and this crisis made many countries resort to voluntary or voluntary bans for citizens The new Corona virus has revealed a complete collapse of some health systems.

As for the philosophy of the draft law on organizing blood operations and collecting plasma for the manufacture and export of its derivatives, it is based on the keenness of the political leadership to pay attention to the national project for self-sufficiency from plasma derivatives and to seek the help of relevant international expertise and experiences with the importance of partnership with international partners with experience and advanced technology in all aspects of this field, and adopted The project is a national security, to cover our needs from these derivatives so that the state possesses its national security, and even the security of all Arab countries, with the need to seek help and benefit from global experiences in this field.

The draft law consists of 23 articles, and it comes within the framework of the Egyptian state’s plan that aims to achieve self-sufficiency in the field of blood products and its components, especially in the field of plasma collection for the manufacture of its derivatives and export after self-sufficiency as an urgent and necessary national project to achieve this national goal, and then represents the organization A sound legal framework is of paramount importance in terms of enabling the relevant state institutions to carry out their tasks in this field.


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