The imprisonment of “YouTubers” Ahmed and forbade of “scratching the shame” … and their fellow actors disavow “short films”


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Counselor Mamdouh Abu Khashaba, chief prosecutor of the Hosh Essa Center in the Buhaira governorate, has issued the imprisonment of 3 of the defendants based on the short films channel, which was famous during the past few days in the name of Ahmed and Noha, and who reside in one of the villages of the Hosh Essa Center, on charges of broadcasting shameless videos Bullying a person with special needs during the videos.

The Public Prosecution decided, in the investigations conducted under the supervision of Counselor Mohamed Helmy Shalaby, General Advocate for Public Prosecutions in central Damanhour, to detain the three defendants in the case of Ahmed and Noha, pending investigations of Communications Investigations.

Ahmed and Nohas colleagues abandoned the former actors with the defendants in the “Hajj Zamout” channel, which used to present comic content representing life in the Egyptian countryside, before the defendants decided to separate from the Hajj Zmout channel and set up their own channel entitled Short Films, after the rest of their colleagues refused to present the same content. .

Al-Buhaira Security Directorate, in conjunction with the Communications Investigation Department under the supervision of Major General Muhammad Wali, Director of Al-Buhaira Security, and Major General Muhammad Sharawi, Director of the Investigation, arrested 3 suspects in the case of Ahmed and Noha’s videos.

The appearance of the videos raised the resentment of many social media users, especially with the appearance of a person with special needs in the videos, and they considered that the videos bully them in addition to being shameful.

During the investigations, the defendants said that they were playing these videos to make a profit from the Internet, and the defendant said during the investigations: “We wanted to stay rich like Ahmed and Zainab.”

Former actors with YouTubers Ahmed and Noha confirmed on the Hajj Zamout channel that they refused to join a short films channel and that they were affected by YouTube artists Ahmed Hassan and Zainab.

One of the former actors with them on the “Hajj Zamout” channel confirmed: “We were very good at the Hajj Zamout channel, and I used to play the role of Haji Atris, but Nader, who was playing the role of Hajj Zamout, wanted to make more profits and make a short film channel and the channel within 10 days achieved views. Awesome, and reached more than 2 million views within days .. We are all upset with the content he was providing, who used to play the role of Hajj Zamout on the Hajj Zamout channel, but despite that he is a good person and a talented actor. ”

Another colleague of the Youtubers, Ahmed and Noha, who used to play the role of Haji Blind on the Hajj Zamout channel, said, “We don’t like this filthy work, and we moved away from working with him and we ask young people not to see these videos.”

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