The International Federation of Professional Footballers (FIFA) requests that Achimbong’s dues be referred to criminal proceedings


The International Federation of Professional Footballers (FIFA), affiliated to FIFA, issued an official statement commenting on a mock settlement in the ongoing dispute between Zamalek club and former team player Benjamin Achimbong.

Vivpro said in a statement on its official website, which stated: “FIFAPro alerted FIFA to a fictitious settlement in a dispute between Egyptian club Zamalek and footballer Benjamin Achimbong. The illegal agreement is based on the authorization of the player’s agent, which was not signed by Mr. Achimbong. The document appeared after the order was ordered. The Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) Zamalek paid about $ 1.1 million to the player for breaching the contract.


Fifbro is contacting Egyptian and Swiss lawyers to explore the possibility of initiating criminal proceedings, and have also alerted CAF and the Egyptian Football Association, Roy Vermeer, Legal Director of Vefpro, said: “The mere claim that Mr. Achimbong – two weeks after notification of the decision of the American Court of Arbitration – will authorize Suddenly a third party to accept a settlement of less than 25% of the amount owed is unreasonable. ”

In subsequent procedures before the FIFA Disciplinary Committee following the ruling, Zamalek submitted a settlement agreement signed by the club and its agent, Nader El-Sayed Ibrahim.

Under this agreement, Mr. Nader Ibrahim, portraying himself as acting on the player’s behalf, settled an amount less than 25 per cent of the ruling of the Court of Arbitration for Sport. Mr. Achimbong informed Vivepro and FIFA that he did not authorize this.

According to the documents that were sent to FIFA, Zamalek then presented a check for this amount directly to the agent.

“We often encounter such situations in professional football legal issues, especially with regard to exemptions or settlements,” said Vermeer. “Football governing bodies need to do more to investigate these cases and punish the perpetrators of these acts.”

It is known that the Ghanaian Ashimbong, the former Zamalek player, refused to reconcile with the club’s management regarding the fine signed on the club by the International Sports Court, amounting to one million and 250 thousand dollars in favor of the player after Zamalek broke his contract with Asimbung due to his poor quality.

Zamalek management offered to pay only 250 thousand dollars to the player, which is the value of his last season’s contract with Zamalek, but the player refused and adhered to the ruling of the Sports Court to obtain the full value of his contract for the seasons that were remaining in the contract.


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