The Iraqi broadcaster responds to Rania Youssef’s accusations: “I have audio and video evidence behind the scenes.”


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Presenter Nizar Al-Faris threatened the artist Rania Youssef to show audio recordings proving her satisfaction with the exciting meeting in which she spoke about her butt, and Al-Faris said through his own account on Instagram, if she is not satisfied with the program, why did she agree to the questions from the beginning, and why did she send him a voice message saying that she is You will not regret this dialogue «.

He added in the video: “I asked you a question, and you told me my ass is distinctive. By the grace of your Lord, it happened. You offended yourself, I just asked a question.” He said that in the nearest television interview, everything that happened behind the scenes will be revealed, and he has audio and video evidence that she liked the questions. Adding: “Is the trend worthy of complaining about until you come back to Trend from another and do counseling? You are not a teenager, you are an old woman.”

Rania Youssef had filed an official complaint with the Iraqi embassy in Cairo against the broadcaster Nizar Al-Faris and Al-Rasheed Channel, against the backdrop of her controversial interview, confirming her intention to sue the broadcaster and the channel in Iraqi courts.

Rania Youssef said in her statement published on her Instagram account: “It is customary for every profession to have a strict and clear law that regulates it with specific provisions and articles, but it is known that every profession has a human honor code in addition to the rigid articles of law, as the honor code is regarded as the shadow of the law and the media honor code compels Media workers should respect their guests and their desire to inform themselves in the way they want, especially if these guests are famous and private society. ”

She explained: “In fact, I have taken a decision to limit or temporarily abstain from press or television interviews, especially those that rely on publishing the video recording via the means of communication in order to request more views, as the culture of the“ trend ”that often requires cutting and changing the content of speech and showing combined footage From the dialogue, “Promo” gives a false and distorted meaning to the truth of what was said throughout the duration of the dialogue.

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