The Lebanese activist Luqman Salim is found dead one day after his disappearance, and there are fears that the assassinations will return to Lebanon


Britain has started a trial to give people two doses of two different vaccines to see how effective this is compared to two doses of one vaccine.

The idea is to provide more flexibility in the use of the vaccine, and to help deal with any potential supply disruptions.

Scientists also say that it could also provide a better protection method than receiving two doses of a single vaccine.

The experiment will not be generalized to everyone who receives the vaccine, and for others who will not participate in it, the current system will be applied to them without change.

Officials say anyone who has already taken the Pfizer or AstraZeneca vaccine as part of Britain’s approved vaccination program will receive their second dose of the same vaccine from the same place over a 12-week period.

But scientists have good reason to believe that the new mixing method that is being tried may be beneficial, as some vaccination programs to counter the Ebola virus have included mixing different methods to improve protection.

The trial will involve more than 800 volunteers over the age of 50 in England. Some will get Astrazinic fertilization This is followed by a Veserbiontic vaccine or vice versa, with a difference of 4 or 12 weeks.

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