The Met warns: The air temperature will drop by 6 degrees on Thursday … and heavy rain


The Meteorological Authority revealed that with Thursday, February 4, 2021, the country is witnessing a temperature drop of about 6 degrees.

The Meteorological Authority stated that the country is witnessing, on Thursday, moderate to heavy rains in areas of the northern coasts, Lower Egypt, North and South Sinai, the Red Sea mountain ranges and northern Upper Egypt, at intermittent periods.

On Thursday, the country is also witnessing moderate rains in areas of Greater Cairo and the canal cities at intermittent periods, and wind activity on areas of the northwestern coasts, South Sinai, North and South Upper Egypt, which causes sand and dust in southern Upper Egypt.

The country is also witnessing a disturbance in the navigation traffic on the Red and Mediterranean seas, with waves ranging from 2 to 3.5 meters high.

Today, Tuesday, there is a rise in temperatures, as warm weather prevails in Cairo and Lower Egypt, and the winds are moderate at times, and warm weather on the northern coasts, warm in South Sinai, and the winds are brisk.

There is also warm weather in the north of Upper Egypt, moderate winds, and warm weather in the south of Upper Egypt, with moderate winds.

Mahmoud Shaheen, Director of the Weather Forecast Department at the General Authority of Meteorology, revealed that the country is witnessing a continuous high temperature in all parts.

The meteorology expects that the weather will be cold at night in Cairo and Lower Egypt, cold on the northern coasts, cold on South Sinai, very cold in the north and south of Upper Egypt, and frosty on crops in central Sinai.

As for the temperatures today, Tuesday

Greater Cairo: 26 degrees, Minor 15 degrees, Greater Alexandria 25 and Lesser 14 degrees, Great Matrouh 24 degrees and Lesser 14 degrees, Great Sohag 27 degrees and Lesser 09 degrees, Qena Great 28 degrees and Lesser 10 degrees, Great Aswan 29 degrees and Minor 10 degrees.

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