The Minister of Immigration congratulates an Egyptian couple in Melbourne for awarding them the “Medal of Australia”


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Ambassador Nabila Makram, Minister of State for Immigration and Egyptian Affairs Abroad, extended sincere congratulations to Raouf Youssef and his wife, Soraya Youssef, Egyptians residing in Melbourne, Australia, for awarding them the Australia Medal for the year 2020 in appreciation of their great services in the field of social work among the Egyptian and Arab communities in Melbourne.

During a phone call made by Her Excellency with them, Ambassador Nabila Makram greeted the couple who founded the “Elderly Social Club”. She told them, “You both present an honorable example of the authentic Egyptian values ​​of chivalry, helping others, coexistence and tolerance,” adding that she had met them on a previous visit to Melbourne, Australia.

During the call, the Minister of Immigration affirmed that Egypt has always been proud of its children abroad who are keen to present positive images of Egypt and Egyptians among their various societies around the world, and she said: “You are truly a source of pride for us and our country, as we now find two Egyptians receiving a medal. The prestigious Australia Award is granted by the Australian Government as a special recognition for outstanding community service and achievement.

While the two spouses expressed their great happiness at the Minister of Immigration’s communication with them, they emphasized their appreciation for her great role in caring for the Egyptian communities abroad and the continuous communication with them and linking them to their homeland, expressing the feelings of love and belonging to Egypt and their pride in it and the progress and development it has now reached in the ranks of major countries, saying: Egypt is always in the heart ».

It is worth noting that Raouf Youssef and his wife, Soraya, immigrated from Egypt to Melbourne, Australia in 1978, and both worked for a “tram” company. Then the couple established the “Elders Social Club for the Elderly” in the Coptic Orthodox Church in southeast Melbourne, where the club brought together the elderly Of the Arabic speakers who have suffered from isolation due to linguistic and cultural differences, and the couple also used to accompany individuals from the Egyptian and Arab communities to doctors when needed and help translate information for them, cook Egyptian food for everyone to eat, and also organize trips and hold meetings for Egyptian communities that would connect them In their motherland Egypt.

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