The mutated Corona virus is “mutating again” … and this is its danger


And scientists concluded that the new mutation in the virus could help it resist immune system For human being and “elusive antibody”.

Was found Mutated virus For the second time in 11 samples of nearly 200,000 samples whose genetic sequence has been traced.

According to the British “Sky News” network, the new development is “worrying”, because it may mean that previously infected people can be infected again, and it could also reduce the effectiveness of vaccines.

The source said that the development means that the virus has strengthened its capabilities, not only to infect cells, but also to overcome the immune system.

The network added that the virus “changes its shape so that it does not recognize it.” Antibodies In the same way. “

And “the vaccine will still protect against serious infection and death, but it may not stop the spread of the disease,” according to “Sky News”.

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