The owner of the deadly goal will not be with Palmeiras in the World Cup


The star, Rino Lopez, missed the list of the Brazilian Palmeiras team that will compete in the Club World Cup, which Qatar will be hosting from February 4-11.

And the International Football Association (FIFA) announced today, Monday, the lists of the six teams participating in the World Cup clubs, and Breno Lopez missed the list of the South American champions Palmeiras.

Lopez scored the winning goal 1 / zero for Palmeiras against Santos in the Copa Libertadores final, in the final seconds of the match, and despite his heroic role, he would not be able to participate in the World Cup clubs.

Lopez will not be allowed to participate since he joined Palmeiras last November, while the transfer market was closed internationally on the fifth of October.

According to FIFA regulations, Lopez is not eligible to participate in the international tournament, bearing in mind that the Brazilian teams were allowed to conclude deals at the local level during that period.


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