The passport has been kept … a bride who makes a strange request on her groom in the marriage contract


In marriages, many husbands tend to set additional conditions, and clauses to the marriage contract, such as not permanently divorcing, or not allowing the husband to marry another, but it was one of the strangest items that a bride insisted on adding to her marriage contract; Is the husband’s disclosure of his secret numbers.

While everyone was waiting for the moment, the newlyweds would gather around the authorized person to hold the Qur’an in front of everyone; The bride demanded that the groom be compelled to disclose the secret number of the smartphone، Or it remains without a password; To be able to open it at any time if desired.

According to the Saudi newspaper Al-Watan, the Mazun asked the suitor about his approval of this clause proposed by the Saudi bride, but his answer came as a rejection, considering it an encroachment on his personal freedom.

The bride resolved on her request and the groom remained clinging to his refusal, so that the marriage contract was stopped and the two brides separated on the wedding night. And when the groom agrees to the terms; They are added to the contract electronically, indicating that some brides have requests that are considered strange, but we find acceptance from some couples.

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