The Public Prosecution orders the imprisonment of the owner of the burned “Ring Building” in Kerdasa


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The Public Prosecution said, in a statement, on Tuesday evening, that “In addition to our previous statement, the Public Prosecution received today – Tuesday corresponding to the second of February this year – a report that seized the accused owner of the property, so it interrogated him about what was attributed to him from his residence of real estate without a license from the competent administrative authority and outside The limits of the approved urban space, and failure to implement the decision issued by that authority to remove the violating works after the end of the legally prescribed period, and failure to take – as an employer – the necessary precautions and requirements to prevent fire hazards, and not to provide the means for occupational safety and health to ensure protection from physical risks, which This resulted in the outbreak of the fire in the warehouse, the place of the incident, and caused by his negligence, lack of caution and failure to observe the laws in the outbreak of this fire.

The accused admitted in the investigations that he had purchased a plot of land on which the property was located when it was agricultural land outside the urban space – within the year 2013 – to build on it and establish a shoe store, knowing that it was not possible to obtain a permit to build on it because it was out of the urban space, and then after he had achieved his purpose and built the property and prepared the store, it was used His activities in it without obtaining a license to do so, and he did not take the necessary requirements to prevent fire hazards and prevent chemical and physical hazards in the store, despite his knowledge of the manufacture of shoes from chemical and petroleum materials that are precipitated by nature, and that his negligence caused the fire to break out in the property, adding that the cause of its occurrence was a short circuit And that he had previously submitted a request for reconciliation for the violations he committed, but his request was rejected, so he grieved him, and the grievance has not yet been decided upon.

Accordingly, the Public Prosecution ordered the accused be detained for four days in pre-trial detention pending investigations.

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