The pyramid factory and store fire … Partial closure of the ring and evacuation of real estate


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Sunday 31 January 2021

Books – Muhammad Shaban:

Traffic officers closed the ring road in the direction of Mariouteya due to a huge fire in a factory and shoe store in a tower adjacent to the road.

A traffic shift was made for cars to the 26th of July axis, to ensure the safety of drivers.

In a related context, the police evacuated residential units adjacent to the tower, the place of the fire, to save lives in light of the thickening of smoke.

The firefighting work stopped due to the seriousness of the situation and the possibility of the collapse of the tower due to the fire burning inside and its effect on the concrete columns.

For his part, Major General Ahmed Rashid, Governor of Giza, listened to a full explanation from two professors of the Faculty of Engineering at Cairo University about what a massive fire consumed the contents of a factory and a shoe store at the bottom of a residential tower next to the Ring Road in Giza.

A faculty member at the College of Engineering recommended not to proceed with the extinguishing process. A discussion took place between them and the civil defense personnel headed by Major General Hisham Sadiq, Director of the General Administration of Civil Protection in Giza.

The discussion ended with a recommendation to the firefighters, “Do not use water or foam because the mayors are crying,” and wait for conditions to calm down and the temperature inside the site of the accident.

The head of the facilities committee blew a surprise that the tower that contains the factory and the store is in violation, stressing, “When the fire will be saved, if the building is destroyed by itself, we will destroy it.”

It turned out that a residential tower includes 108 housing units, 15 of which are inhabited, and that were evacuated from their residents in the interest of their safety.

The tower in the “basement” contains a shoe factory, and the first and second floors were converted into a warehouse on an area of ​​a thousand meters to which the fire spread without reaching the rest of the floors of the property where the fire was located.

In the morning thick smoke rose from the tower that houses the store as a result of the renewed fire. It was found that the warehouse’s lack of industrial security caused difficulty in controlling the fire, despite the civil protection’s use of 7 fire engines and 3 strategic water tanks of (35, 15, 8 tons) capacity and support from 4 governorates.

The beginning goes back to the official of the Civil Protection Operations Room in Giza receiving a signal from the emergency police that thick smoke had risen from a facility near the stairs of the Haram neighborhood above the ring road.

Major General Hisham Sadiq, Director of the General Administration of Civil Protection in Giza, paid 10 fire engines with the participation of Major General Alaa Saeed, Major General Hani Muhammad and Lieutenant Colonel Muhammad Imam.

It turned out that the store is a (basement + two floors) on an area of ​​a thousand meters, and the fire broke out in the “basement” before the fire moved to the first floor and from it to the second; Due to the presence of highly flammable materials. The inspection suggested that the fire broke out as a result of a short circuit.

The civil defense men work to surround the flames and reduce the size of the losses while preventing the fire from spreading to the neighboring buildings.

[1/31, 1:42 PM] Alaa Omran: The arrest of Murtazaha, Menoufia, seized the citizens’ money, for allegedly investing it

Alaa Omran

The security services arrested a woman (holding a bachelor’s degree in commerce – residing in Menoufia governorate – with criminal information) for seizing money from 7 citizens in Menoufia, totaling (1,550,000 million five hundred fifty thousand pounds) for allegedly employing and investing in the readymade garment trade in exchange for their obtaining On material profits, however, they have stopped paying the agreed profits.

The victims confirmed that they had refrained from returning the original sums of money, and acknowledged that they had committed the incident, and necessary legal measures were taken and the Public Prosecution started.

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