The reason for my fame was … exciting secrets about “Al Sagheer” that Laila Alawi revealed


The superstar “Laila Elwi” made a phone call to “Lamees El Hadidi”, on her program, “A Final Word.” And through which she mourned the departure of her hairdresser friend “Mohamed Al Sagheer”.

The media, Laila Elwi, talked about Muhammad al-Sagheer and her relationship with him, so she emphasized that he was not just a hairdresser, as he established an industry in a private school and a major institution in cosmetology and hairdressing. And about his profession for a global industry in the Arab world. He also made a major shift in his profession and gave it great value and importance.

And she continued: “He was honest and loved his job very much, and everyone who works for him must teach him the right. And no matter how very delicate and wanting, every need is controlled according to what was generous and kind hearted in the treatment.

And Laila Elwi added: “I know Muhammad from the year 1982 from the hour of the story that he made to me and it became very famous .. And any branch opened more than I had to imagine in it and the first picture remains .. Muhammad Balnbali We lived in one street between us and there were 4 buildings and my family was very small Because my mother is not Egyptian, so Muhammad and his family were from the family.

She continued, affected by: “Muhammad, his life is not my son or a friend in any situation that is not sweet, or in any situation in which the joy of his life is not late .. I am sure that he is in a much better place, and that his soul is flying above us, beautiful and good, and I see that we all love him and appreciate him what and proud of him .. I feel that my shoulders are falling and my back is bent and missing it very, very much. ”


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