The rock of “Mahmoud Amin Al-Alam” Egyptian today


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When I meet him in my imagination, as usual whenever I miss him and I am confused about something, I will ask him the question that I repeat to him whenever I meet him: (How do you receive your jailer’s whips on your back in the day, then sit with him in the evening, to teach him the alphabet and erase his illiteracy ?! Then be kind to him ?! “And those who suppress anger and forgive people, and God loves the doers of good.” Are you a prophet ?!), and he will smile as usual and answer the same surprising answer: (The matter is simple! Each of us was doing his work. The job of the jailer is torture because the dark people understood that I am the enemy of God. My job is to teach him in order to remove the veil of ignorance and deception from him, so that the light enters him, and realizes the truth), and the great professor believed. Because the merchants of religion have a job to mislead the simple to make them executioners who hit the heads of the Enlighteners, the enlightened head is the first enemy of the pretenders, the mercenaries of religions. Enlightenment carries the torch of enlightenment to illuminate the path for peoples who are intended to nurture in the dark until nations collapse and civilizations crumble.

February 18 will be the birthday of the great Egyptian thinker, “Mahmoud Amin El Alem”. The professor will complete his ninety-ninth year in heaven. The professor was born in February 1922 and departed from our world on January 10, 2009. Every year it is good in the paradise of God Almighty. Every year, his famous smile is bright as we are accustomed to, and as the pictures immortalized it, so that we learn from that smile the meaning of optimism and the value of confidence in a more beautiful tomorrow. I wish him with us today so that he would witness with his own eyes how that bright tomorrow began to be realized.

Perhaps I have never met a person who loved Egypt and believed in its power and ability to cross adversity, like him. If he were among us today, I would have heard him say to me: (Did I not tell you that Egypt will rise and rise and triumph for the poor, and our dream of the stick that we have fought for decades and decades for? Did I not tell you that the whips that tore my body and bend my back and the honorable appearance of Egypt in my detention centers 59 will not go away? Rather, you will intertwine, argue, and make a strong elegant fabric that paints the painting of the “sufficiency and justice” society, to which we spent our lives as a sacrifice? Do you not know that the poems that I dug with my nails on the walls of the “castle prison” are still visible that have not closed their eyes for more than sixty years, until they testify with the eyes of poetry The moment of the decisive transformation in Egypt? Tomorrow your poems will also fly out of the windows of darkness until the full enlightenment you dream of shines.)

(Oh prisoner, break the rock! The rock has seven doors, see where the door is and hit!) This is how the jailer, roughly in the face of the great Egyptian thinker, “Mahmoud Amin Al-Alem,” in the 1959 detention camps, waved a whip in his hand, and sparks flying from his threatening eyes. It is the whip obtained from the back of the “scientist” prisoner. This is during the day, but in the evening, the noble prisoner would invite the rough jailer to his cell to teach him to read and write! Imagine! I am astonished and chant in astonishment: (O Professor Mahmoud, the jailer flogs you by day, and wipes out his illiteracy at night!). As for my duty, and his right over me, it was to teach and educate him and others who made the dark people illiterate and hard, so that they would crush their enemies, including intellectuals, who were striving to achieve goodness and justice for those of the illiterate and the poor.) I ask him: (Meaning you never hate your jailer, Professor Mahmoud ?!), then the professor replies with a laugh: (Absolutely! How do I hate him when he is a victim of absenteeism and ignorance? On the contrary, I loved him and pity him. And he listened to him during the day when the student listened to his teacher while he looked at the rock, then pointed with his finger. The jailer teaches me during the day how to break the rocks, and I teach him at night how to break the walls of darkness around him), then the beautiful professor spends the rest of his long night in the dungeon writing poems on the wall. Those poems are still present in the “castle prison”, the walls refuse to erase them!

My beautiful teacher, “Mahmoud Amin Al-Alem”, on your ninety-ninth birthday, we apologize to you for those whips that you patiently endured for the sake of your country and the people of your country so that they could be enlightened. Egypt apologizes to you for the harsh whips that crossed you over the years and their tracks accompanied your back to the grave. May God’s peace be upon you, and a kiss on your hand! I appeal to the enlightened president, Abdel Fattah El-Sisi, to honor this noble late, and to grant his eternal name, “the necklace of the Nile,” in exchange for the thought, enlightenment and misery presented to his homeland.

“Religion is to God, and the homeland is for those who illuminate the nation.”


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