The Saudi ambassador, after preventing entry to arrivals from Egypt: “The decision depends on the improvement of the epidemiological situation.”


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Ambassador Osama bin Ahmed Al-Naqli, the Saudi ambassador to Egypt, followed the Kingdom’s decision to suspend receiving non-citizens from about 20 countries, including Egypt and the UAE.

Al-Naqli said in a phone call to the “last word” program presented by the media, Lamees Al-Hadidi, on the “ON” channel: “We are following what is happening in the world from the spread of the Coronavirus and the increase in infections, and several countries follow precautionary measures, and in Saudi Arabia, Minister of Health Dr. Tawfiq Al-Rabiah made a statement since Days with important statements announcing the monitoring of an increase in Coronavirus infections and a rapid spread.

He added: The Saudi Ministry of Health recommended the need to tighten precautionary measures within the Kingdom in the coming period to stop the rapid spread that the ministry touched, and the decision is temporary, but its duration is dependent on the improvement of the epidemiological situation not only in Saudi Arabia but in the world in general, and it came not to ensure the safety of Saudi citizens only, but also residents and visitors. To the Kingdom within the framework of the precautionary measures.

On the inclusion of the decision for transit trips, Ambassador Al-Naqli said: The decision is clear and includes everyone without exceptional cases and whoever will come to the Kingdom will be subject to quarantine for a period of 14 days, and I mean here the excluded groups that can enter the Kingdom, but with commitment to precautionary measures, including quarantine for a certain period to ensure that the virus is not carried A decision that applies to citizens and residents, and a humanitarian decision that is not linked to nationality or residents.

For its part, EgyptAir decided to change the times of daily flights to all parts of the Kingdom, and it will suspend 4 flights tomorrow that are supposed to fly to Saudi Arabia, and only 6 flights will be satisfied.

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