The “Silence of the Lambs” serial killer’s house has been converted into a museum allowing overnight stays


Many are waiting for the opening of the famous house in which the serial killer “Buffalo Bell” lived, from the movie “The Silence of the Lambs”, where he was holding his victims, in front of curious people who wanted to sleep for one night, in one of his rooms and visit the site, where several scenes were filmed from The film is in the cellar.

The house of the killer Buffalo Bill
The house of the killer Buffalo Bill

The house, built in 1910, is located in Periopolis, in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and its interior has been preserved as it appears in the famous director Jonathan Demme’s film, which won five Oscars in 1991, with a slight difference in the wallpaper.


According to “Sky News”, the 216-square-meter house was sold five years ago at a price of $ 195,000, before cinema interior designer Chris Rowan bought it recently for $ 290,000, with the aim of turning it into a tourist site, with the possibility of renting a room in it. Later this year.

Inmates will be allowed to visit the house and inspect the basement where the “serial killer” Jim Jump was locking up the women he kidnapped, and Chris Rowan intends to reconstruct a copy of the well in which he used to leave his victims, and it is worth noting that the house does not contain mainly the well, and the movie scenes in which it appears are filmed in Studio.


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