The tragedy of a teenager .. He was infected with corona twice during a coma


This is the story of a British teenager, 19-year-old Joseph Flavel, whose family says his condition was extremely tragic before he had limited improvement.

And Joseph, a lover of sport and a never-laugher, as his family describes him, was walking down the street on March 1, 2020, when he was hit by a speeding car in the Staffordshire region of western Britain, weeks before he entered the country into a general lockdown.

Joseph suffered a severe injury to his brain, known as a “traumatic brain injury”, which put him into a prolonged coma.

Joseph lost consciousness completely for many months.

At that time, it was not news Coron PandemicIt spread widely in the world, as in subsequent months.

After Joseph had no hope for medical progress, he was transferred from the hospital to a nursing home, and his family was prevented from approaching him, due to Corona virus procedures, and they only saw him through the “FaceTime” application.

His mother was only allowed to visit him once in the nursing home, and under strict procedures.

The encouraging news came after a long time, as he was now beginning to have a limited response, able to smile, wink and move his limbs.

“He cannot communicate with us verbally and has little physical response,” his aunt Sally Flavel Smith told Sky News.

“We don’t know if Joseph had any knowledge of the epidemic or not, but he spent several months in a complete state of unconsciousness. So for several months, he had no idea.”

What is noteworthy in Joseph’s story is that he was infected with a virus CoronaHe is on a recovery bed, without having contact with anyone, as it happens with the rest of the injured.

His family says that he was injured for the first time in hospital during 2020, and the second time at the beginning of the current year 2021, and possibly by the medical staff overseeing his condition.

Aunt Sally remembers: “His condition was very bad the first time he was tested positive for the Coronavirus,” noting that the doctors were not sure that he would survive.

“Because of Corona and his other medical problems, it was devastating,” she added, but he managed to survive the deadly epidemic twice.

The family hopes he will continue on his path to recovery and have started raising funds for treatment and equipment when the time is right.

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