The truth about the 40 videos … a new development in the case of “the Mahalla doctor”


Attorney Essam Amer, agent, confirmed The veterinarian, Known in the media as “the wife Al-Antila”, that what was published in the media about the existence of 40 videos of his client, is completely false, pointing out that the husband presented one video, and he photographed his wife with his hand, but he manipulated the pictures and their editing; This was to defame my client, adding: “I will sue him legally.”

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The lawyer added: “The wife was subjected to inappropriate practices by her husband in order to revoke her marital rights, and I will undermine him by law.”

Security sources in the Gharbia Security Directorate confirmed that the accusations made by the husband of the Mahalla doctor, through his lawyer in a report of adultery against his ex-wife, a “veterinarian”, were unfounded. She emphasized that the investigations had not revealed suspicious relationships with the wife, while it was revealed that she had good social relations with her family before leaving the locality, and that she lived with her husband 3 years before completing her wedding.

Security sources added that the husband presented one video in which his wife appears in her bedroom, in addition to the multiple accounts of accusation regarding reputation and honor on his part, and the validity of his accusations against her has not yet been confirmed, and the validity of the video or pictures provided on his side, that they are true or fabricated, and there are no sexual videos. With other people, and that all the photos are “old” after their marriage period, and not recent.

The term “Al-Anteel” has become associated in people’s imagination with the man whose many female relationships are exposed, except that she is a woman, “Antaila”. This is another story and the witness is the husband according to his communication and what his lawyer mentioned, as he carried a flash containing 40 pornographic videos, just as the videos of “Antel” spread Mahalla »in 2014, a karate instructor who practiced vice with married women.

Al-Mahalla al-Kubra in the Gharbia governorate witnessed a state of discontent, as thousands of the city’s residents expressed their anger on their social media pages on the background of the emergence of “Anttila” working in the field of veterinary medicine due to family disputes, which her husband blew by accusing her of adultery to absolve him of her marital rights and his desire to separate from her under the pretext of betrayal According to what he said in the communication.

In the same context, the second prosecutor in Mahalla, based on the directives of Counselor Emad Salem, the general attorney for the prosecutions of East Tanta College in the Gharbia Governorate, begins the investigation into a complaint filed by a husband in the city of Mahalla al-Kubra, accusing his veterinarian wife, “S. A »(32 years old) committed adultery, and denies the lineage of his two-year-old child.

The Public Prosecution team also violated the husband’s lawyer for his objection to bearing the costs of conducting paternity checks for his child, and his denial of the couple’s stability and living in the locality, according to what was mentioned in the prosecution’s investigative notebooks.

In the notice bearing No. 467 of the Mahalla Second Police Station, the husband demanded that a DNA paternity test be performed to prove the child’s lineage or not. After chance revealed several videos stored on a flash drive of the wife while she was having sex.

The husband revealed in his communication that he had married her 3 years ago, and during that period his wife had constant quarrels and quarrels with him and left the marital apartment and went to her family’s home amid exaggerated financial demands and his bargaining to return to him again.

The husband added in his communication that recently the wife filed a lawsuit to dispel the list of marital movables, and after the failed attempts to live together, he decided to hand over her movables and end the marital relationship, stressing that during the raising of the mattress he found a “seamstress”, so he loosened the thread and found a “flash.” And by opening it, he found pornographic videos of other people with his wife during the practice of vice, which prompted him to go to the police station and write a report against her, accusing her of adultery and denying the child’s paternity, demanding forensic medicine commission and conducting a DNA analysis to confirm the child’s lineage.

And the Criminal Investigation Department was tasked with investigating the circumstances and circumstances of the incident, and the Public Prosecution office was notified to investigate, which decided to summon the two spouses to hear their statements.

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