The UAE is “confident” that it will acquire American “F-35” planes despite the Biden administration’s temporary suspension of arms deals.


Plane of the "F-35"

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On the last day of Donald Trump’s rule, the UAE concluded an agreement to purchase up to 50 F-35s.

The UAE ambassador to the United States, Yousef Al-Otaiba, said that he is confident that the sale of US F-35s to his country will continue after President Joe Biden’s administration reviews some arms sales, which have been temporarily suspended by Washington allies.

On the last day of the rule of former US President Donald Trump, the UAE concluded an agreement to purchase up to 50 F-35s, as well as 18 armed drones and other defense equipment, in a deal worth up to $ 23 billion.

“We did everything according to the rules, and they will find out once the review process is completed, and things will go according to arrangements,” Otaiba said in a speech to a forum organized by the Washington Institute via video link on Monday, describing the review as “cosmetic.”

A US State Department official said last month that the Biden administration had temporarily suspended the implementation of some arms sales to US allies until they were subject to review.

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