The UAE “Probe of Hope” arrives at Mars and provides the first comprehensive study of the planet’s climate


The Emirates News Agency reported that with the arrival of the “Probe of Hope” to the capture orbit around Mars next Tuesday with success, in the first Arab mission to explore the planets, the UAE will be the fifth country to reach Mars, and the probe will present the first comprehensive study on the climate of “Mars” and the layers of its atmosphere. Different.

The agency stated – in its report on the “Probe of Hope” project – today, Wednesday, that upon the successful arrival of the probe to its orbit around the Red Planet – it will provide an integrated picture of the atmosphere of Mars for the first time in human history, which will help scientists reach a deeper understanding of the causes of corrosion of the atmosphere. The atmosphere of the planet Mars and the role of climate change in changing the composition of the atmosphere, noting that one of the studies that the probe will conduct is to study the phenomenon of dust storms that cover the entire planet, the causes of their occurrence, the role of sandstorms in the erosion of the atmosphere and the escape of oxygen and hydrogen from the atmosphere of the red planet, and it will help to understand Planet Earth and other planets better.

She indicated several important facts about the project, which is that it does not carry astronauts on board, but rather accurate and programmed scientific devices, and it will not land on Mars because its scientific mission does not require doing so, in addition to that it cannot be returned to Earth again, and after the end His Mars mission successfully will remain in orbit around Mars.

She explained that the mission of the probe to uncover the secrets of Mars could extend an additional Martian year, i.e. two Earth years, for a total of 1,374 Earth days in case of extension, noting that the work team took into account when designing, building and programming the probe all the scenarios and challenges of its Mars mission.

She pointed out that the probe will have a distinct orbit above the Martian equator with an unprecedented view of the Red Planet, enabling scientific devices to perform their mission with the highest efficiency.

It is noteworthy that the “Hope Probe”, which was successfully launched on July 20, 2020, has already contributed to a qualitative leap in the UAE space sector, as it is an emerging sector that contributes to the diversification of the economy and the growth of gross product in the Emirates through new activities and areas based on innovation and the knowledge economy, It also contributes to building capabilities and empowering young national cadres to be able to lead the national space sector to new stages of sustainable growth, and inspires students and youth in the country and the Arab world to pay attention to science and engineering, study and specialize in it due to its importance for the future of the UAE.


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