The virtual reality glasses Oculus Quest now support the Facebook Messenger app


Facebook-owned Oculus announced that in its latest developer update, Facebook Messenger will now begin supporting Quest virtual reality headsets this week, according to Mashable, with this new update, users will be able to chat by handwriting in virtual reality, or Use voice-to-text, or auto-populate generic phrases into the conversation.

Messenger on Quest will not separate users based on their devices, in other words, non-VR users can chat with VR users with ease, and if multiple VR users talk to each other, they can create an Oculus group from within Messenger to congregate in any multiplayer game They want to play it together.

Facebook also ensures that Messenger use will not change with Quest’s privacy settings, and this is clearly a constant concern of anything Facebook makes, and Messenger in particular has raised questions about its security over the years.

Also, it shouldn’t be mentioned that users need to log into their Facebook accounts on the Quest headset to use Messenger, which was previously required in Quest 2 anyway, but now Quest 1 owners should also bear this in mind.


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