There will be no military confrontation .. Mustafa El-Fiqi warns of an important matter regarding the Renaissance Dam


Dr. Mostafa El-Feki, political thinker and chairman of the Alexandria Library, said that Egypt has had a historical role in the African Union since 1963, explaining that Egypt will participate and explain to everyone, and it will not overload water and no one can deprive it of it.

Mustafa El-Feki added, during an intervention on the program “Happening in Egypt” broadcast on MBC Egypt, presented by journalist Sherif Amer, that water does not belong to anyone, and that the Nile is historically more connected to Egypt.

He pointed out that water is life, and Egypt has limits to patience, and that there is no need for a lack of understanding on the Ethiopian side, and that Egypt is not handcuffed in the issue of the Renaissance Dam, Stressing that the international community will not allow access to the military confrontation point, as the military confrontation is not in the interest of any party.

He pointed out that the Ethiopian side must recover from what they are in, and they must forget what was in history, stressing that the Ethiopian dam issue is primarily malicious.

وكشف Mostafa El-Feki that when Egypt took over the presidency of the African Union, President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi did many things to serve African causes.

Mostafa El-Feki added that everyone saw what Egypt had done regarding the virus C initiative in African countries, pointing out that the Ethiopian ambitions in the Renaissance Dam file began in 2011, and that Ethiopia tried to anesthetize Egypt for years during the negotiations.

He pointed out that the regime of former Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir was hostile to Egypt to the core, however The Sudanese system is now patriotic and aims at the interests of his country.

He pointed out that the Sudanese people were the ones who toppled the Bashir regime, and that Sudan did not stand for something specific to Egypt, but because there are damages that will be accrued to it, stressing:Sudan realized the danger of the Renaissance Dam on it. Hence, an agreement was reached with Egypt. “

He confirmed that Omar al-Bashir was “buried” at the Renaissance Dam, revealing that His positions with Ethiopia in the Renaissance Dam crisis were shameful.

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