They threw the body into a carton .. Details of the killing of a driver at the hands of a woman and her daughter in al-Gharbiya


The Public Security Sector headed by Major General Alaa Salim, Assistant Minister of Interior for the Public Security Sector, succeeded in uncovering the mystery of the murder of a driver and finding his body in the bank in Al Gharbia.

It was reported to the Mit Ghamr Center on the current 29th of the finding of the body of a 36-year-old driver, who is a resident of Bandar Zefta in Gharbia. With water drained in front of the village of Bshalouche, the central district

The efforts of the research team formed under the leadership of the Public Security Sector and with the participation of sector inspectors and officers of the Criminal Investigation Department in Dakahlia Security reached to identify the perpetrators of the incident and they are The owner of a household appliances store is 42 years old, residing in the department of the Mit Ghamr district. .

After the legalization of the procedures, they were targeted by a commission headed by the public security sector, which resulted in their arrest, confronting them with the findings of the investigations, they acknowledged and confessed in detail that they had committed the incident. The first accused decided to have a partnership relationship with the victim in a household tools store and the latter blackmailed her and her dignity, so she and her dignity agreed to get rid of him and in order to implement their plan We sought help from the rest of the accused.

The accused accused added that, on the 23rd of the current “date of absence of the victim,” she lured the victim to her home “He was a dead man who was inundated” and she gave him a cup of juice after she put sleeping pills in him. When she felt unconscious, she and the second, third and fourth defendants finished him off and held his breath and killed him and took him from him, then they put the body inside an empty air conditioner carton and the next morning they put the body inside it And dumped where to find.

The defendants were instructed to seize the two cars used in the commission of the incident, as well as the victim’s mobile phone. The prosecution investigated.

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