This cub is from that lion .. Hamza Ahmed Mansi is an exact copy of his hero father


Day after day, Hamza, the son of the martyr Ahmed Mansi, the commander of the 103rd Thunderbolt Brigade, walks steadily to step towards heroism following the path of his heroic father, who sacrificed his life and soul for the soil of our dear homeland, Egypt, and is assisted by his mother, Manar Selim, the widow of the late martyr. Supports her son, who studies in the first grade of middle school, to be the owner of a cause, goal, and hero like his father Mansi.

Al-Mansi child and his son Hamza
Mansi a child and his son Hamza

As the popular proverb says, “Whoever is behind Mamach”, Manar re-published a picture of her son Hamza, and another of her hero husband, when he was of the same age, and these pictures show the great similarity between them in childhood, and as if the tongue of her case says, “Fula and divided two texts.” She expressed, “I was surprised by the similarities between them.”


In a previous meeting, Hamza Ahmed Mansi had said that he would “complete the march of his martyr father and join the Military College,” stressing that this was his goal and his choice, as also previously revealed by Manar Salim, the widow of the martyr Ahmed Al-Mansi, the details of Hamza’s enrollment in the International School of the Academy Arab Science, Technology and Maritime Transport.

During her interview with Al-Youm Al-Sabea TV, she confirmed Hamzah’s happiness with the scholarship that the Academy offered him, adding: “Hamza was happy and Tayer returned from joy.” Manar Selim stated that Hamza started the study on time and the whole school stands next to him and supports him a lot, but the study will be online. In light of the Corona crisis.

Whereas the Arab Academy had decided to offer a scholarship to the son of the hero martyr Ahmed Mansi, who is currently a middle school student in it, since last October.


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