Tire .. Floods hit the city of Ras Sidr and block the new international road


12:32 AM

Friday 05 February 2021

South Sinai – Rida El-Sayed:

Floods hit Wadi Sidr this evening, in the city of Ras Sidr in South Sinai, after the city was subjected to heavy rains and the local unit declared a state of emergency.

The executive bodies in South Sinai decided the new international road linking the tunnel of the martyr Ahmed Hamdi and Sharm el-Sheikh, and the closure of the coastal road parallel to the international road as a precaution, especially since the torrents crossed the two roads heading to the Gulf of Suez.

The South Sinai Traffic Department issued instructions to stop all vehicles from the Oyoun Moussa ambush, until the torrential flow stops and life returns to normal, especially as the torrent was able to cross the new international road.

Ali Hamadeh, head of Ras Sidr city, said that the city was subjected to torrential rain that lasted for hours, and stopped a short while ago, and resulted in a torrent occurring in Wadi Sidr, which is located at the entrance to the city towards the Oyoun Moussa ambush.

The head of Ras Sidr said in a statement today that there are no losses on the roads, and the decision to close it was taken with the aim of protecting citizens and drivers of vehicles and cars traveling to and from Sharm El-Sheikh.

He said that despite the heavy rain that the city was exposed to, there are no torrents except in Wadi Sidr only, and water suction vehicles have been deployed in all neighborhoods to raise the accumulated water from some areas.

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