Today … Ayman Bahjat Qamar is tried on charges of evading 513 thousand pounds in taxes


The Misdemeanor Tax Evasion Court, held in the Fifth Settlement, headed by Counselor Moataz Sadiq, and in the presence of Counselor Ahmed Abdel-Alim, Deputy Attorney General, and the Secretariat of Wissam Hanafi, the trial of the author and lyricist Ayman Bahjat Mohamed Mohamed Qamar, on his accusation of evading paying 513 thousand pounds for taxes. That the court be informed of what officially indicates that the procedures for his reconciliation have been completed with the legally competent authority.

Case Petition No. 62 of 2016 revealed that author and screenwriter Ayman Bahjat Muhammad Qamar, known as Ayman Bahjat Qamar, evaded paying 513,000 pounds of taxes owed on songs and lyric compositions, from 2009 to 2013, and the hearing of the case was postponed in the session. Specified.

Lawyer of cassation Khaled Mohamed said that the law stipulates that it be punished with a fine of not less than 1,000 pounds and not exceeding 5,000 pounds, in addition to compensation equivalent to the tax that was not paid to every taxpayer who violated this law with the intention of evading the payment of the tax due on him.

The lawyer added in the cassation, that the evader will be punished with a fine ranging from 200 pounds to 2000 pounds if he fails to submit the tax return or the declaration includes incorrect data.


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