Today .. the technical meeting for the match between Al-Ahly and Al-Duhail at the Clubs World Cup


Today, Wednesday, the technical meeting for the Qatari Al-Ahly and Al-Duhail match, to be held tomorrow, Thursday, at the opening of the FIFA Club World Cup, will be held. The meeting will be held via video conference under strict precautionary measures by FIFA and the tournament’s organizing committee, to agree on coordination matters related to the match and colors. Worn by both teams and goalkeepers.

Al-Ahly team came close to wearing the alternative “gray” jersey in its match against Al-Duhail, Qatar next Thursday, at the opening of the FIFA Club World Cup, given that its rival is the owner of the land and will appear in his traditional uniform consisting of the red shirt and red shorts..

On the other hand, Al-Ahly club received a letter from FIFA, in which the latter confirmed the reduction of the FIFA Club World Cup qualification bonus from $ 2.5 million to $ 1 million due to the circumstances in which the current version of the tournament is being held in Qatar against the backdrop of the Corona pandemic that caused In financial losses of millions of dollars for everyone in the sports street and outside the sports community.

“FIFA” had decided that each club participating in the world tournament would obtain two million and 500 thousand dollars before it was reduced to one million dollars, or nearly 16 million Egyptian pounds due to the repercussions of the Corona pandemic, and thus the team participating in the tournament or the one who would get the last place would get Million dollars .


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