Tony Ktora is the talk of the hour in Lebanon .. He became famous after 5 years


Although he has been singing for many years and has songs posted on “YouTube” for 5 years, they have achieved only limited views.

And Tony waited until Monday to become famous LebanonAnd figures that famous artists could not achieve.

Who is the “Captain”?

He is the Lebanese Tony Katora Whose songs, which were broadcast live, received huge views of more than 370,000 in a few hours, as well as 359,000 comments, 20,000 likes, and about 1,500 posts, a site.Facebook“.

Tony, who comes from the southern city of Tire, presented his new song, at the beginning of which he says: “A mule of a colt and a donkey meet on the road … Say the mule, donkey … how are you, friend … we heard braying.”

Humor overwhelmed the lyrics of the song, which Tony broadcast live on his Facebook page.

And the live broadcast lasted a little more than an hour, in which Tony presented a series of songs, all of them in one very simple tune, in which he talked about Corona virus, pets, love, eating and other topics.

Toni interacted with songs, moving the upper part of his body in tune with the melodies.

Also during the live broadcast, Tony would stop singing and list the names of people he greeted, who seemed to be his fans and fans.

Lebanese are tired of politics

What is striking about all the comments by following them is that they clearly show the extent of the Lebanese’s fatigue with politics and its people, so some of the pioneers of the communication sites said that they preferred to follow the songs of Ktoura Al-Simple, which some considered to be low, to follow the political programs broadcast on the screens.

It is also remarkable that the reason for his leading trend in Lebanon is his appearance via a live broadcast on his Facebook account, in conjunction with the political programs on the screens, which the Lebanese citizen no longer wants to follow, and he searched for entertainment material, but he did not find better than a “katoura” to entertain him. About him with his comic style.

Tony’s phenomenon divides the tweeters

And recorded a phenomenon such as this sharp division among pioneers communication Web-sites Especially the “Twitter” singer, some of them considered it an indicator of the signs of the country’s artistic and cultural collapse, and some of them considered that what it offers, despite its simplicity and spontaneity, is better than what the artists who let him down in their political positions in recent times.

Tony Frangieh and Sami Gemayel, who appeared in two different interviews over the past few days, outnumbered “Al-Trend” political interviews. He also reported on the rise in the price of a “bundle of bread” announced by the Lebanese Economy Minister Raoul Nehme. Monday evening.

Tony Katura calls himself the titles “Captain” and “The Star”, and he seems completely convinced of his deserving of these two titles, with an indication that he tops the list of the most frequently used hashtags on Twitter and other communication sites, in addition to his considerable credit of followers and fans who invade his page with comments, messages and even contacts the video.

Lebanese launched a “hashtag” bearing his name as a kind of campaign to support and encourage him to sing even though his voice, according to many opinions, is not suitable for being an artist present on the scene!

“Kattora” loves many forms of popular singing, the Dabkeh, the Jabali, and the Tarabi. He has more than 300 songs, which he performs during his private concerts.

Tweeters said that the performance of the “Captain” is pleasant and amusing in light of the home quarantine, and some considered that he is not an artist, and yet he managed to achieve about half a million views in addition to more than 20 thousand likes and thousands of commentators.


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