Tsubel: Overcoming Al-Ahly by Bayern Munich is difficult


German, Rainer Zobel, former technical director of Al-Ahly club, confirmed that Al-Ahly has a weak chance to win against Bayern in the semi-finals of the World Cup clubs scheduled for next Monday.

Tsubel said on the “Number One” program on “Al-Nahar” channel that Al-Ahly is a very strong team, but has little chance to beat Bayern Munich.

He explained that there are many factors that will weaken the Bayern Munich team against Al-Ahly because of the travel factor, and the team played a league match before his departure, in addition to changing weather factors between Germany and Doha.

He indicated that if Al-Ahly focused on the match and was not afraid of Bayern, it would be possible to achieve a positive result, stressing that it would celebrate if one of the two teams won.

And he sent a message to Al-Ahly players, saying: “I tell the players not to be afraid of Bayern Munich, and I will beware of strong members of the team, such as Lewandowski, because he is very, very dangerous.”


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