Tuchel: I encouraged Tottenham at a young age to show off


German coach Thomas Tuchel played down the rumors of his support for Tottenham when he was young.

Tuchel, who succeeded Frank Lampard last month, will have a date with a derby match for the English capital, when he faces Tottenham Hotspur on Thursday.

“When I was young and watching Tottenham, the goal of cheering the team was to show off with my friends,” Tuchel said.

He added, “I did not know it was a club in the capital, London, it was only for me a club whose name I heard on TV.”

Tuchel explained that Tottenham was one of the few clubs that watched their matches on television in Germany.

He continued: “When I was young, there were not many matches broadcast from the English Premier League, not even from the German League, so what I saw was just a minute or two every four weeks.”

He concluded: “Suddenly Tottenham came and we started to hear his name on our channels, once every four weeks, just hearing the name of the club was like an exciting adventure.”

Chelsea are seventh in the Premier League standings with 33 points, on goal difference behind sixth-placed Tottenham.


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