Turkey begins production of new drones


Turkey begins production of new drones


درون Bayraktar Akinci

Turkish company Baykar Technologies has begun industrial production of new high-flying Acinci strike drones.

This was stated by the company’s CEO, Slchuk Bayraktar, in an interview he gave to “CNN”.

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He said that the drone is capable of detecting targets that cannot be seen with the naked eye, intercepting air targets and bombing land targets.

And Turkish Defense Minister Ismail Demi announced that supplying the Turkish army with these strike drones allows reducing pressure on manned warplanes.

It is reported that the Acinci reconnaissance drone wing sold 20.6 meters, its weight at takeoff was 4.5 tons, and the stay in the air was 24 hours.

The drone was equipped with a network radar, 6 electronic computers, artificial intelligence, and 6 carriers with 1,350 kg of payload.

The drone can use air-to-air missiles and hovering bombs designed to bomb land targets.

The drone is equipped with Ukrainian-made E-450T turbine engines.

The drone made its first flight in December 2019. Its second prototype underwent tests in 2020 when it climbed to a height of 12 km.

Source: Arms Russia

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