Turkish newspapers celebrate the arrival of Mustafa Mohamed to Galatasaray


Egyptian player Mostafa Mohamed, striker of Zamalek club, arrived in Turkey, to start his professional journey among the Galatasaray ranks, on loan for a season and a half.

Galata Saray completed his contract with the Egyptian national striker during the past hours, to support the team during the coming period, with the introduction of a clause that allows the Turkish club to buy the player in exchange for payment of 4 million euros, provided that his desire is announced before the end of December 2021.

Turkish newspapers celebrated the arrival of Mustafa Muhammad at Istanbul airport in the early hours of Monday morning.

morning newspaper

Galatasaray, one of the most active teams in the transfer window, strengthened its team with 5 players, including Mustafa Mohamed, who coach Fateh Terme insisted on signing him.

The Turkish newspaper stated that Galatasaray had long talks with the player, and he is scheduled to undergo a medical examination today, after which he will sign the official contract.


The Turkish newspaper said: “The Egyptian soccer player Mustafa Muhammad, who joined the Galatasaray team, arrived in Istanbul … and left the airport in the private car that was waiting for him.”

The newspaper indicated that the Turkish club contracted with the Egyptian player on loan for a season and a half for $ 2 million, provided that the Turkish club reserves the right to buy the player for $ 4 million.

CNN Turkish

Mustafa Muhammad’s journey began. This is how CNN reported the news of the Zamalek player’s arrival in Turkey.

The newspaper highlighted Mustafa Mohamed’s thanks to the Egyptian Armed Forces for allowing him to travel for a professional experience.


That newspaper published a lengthy video clip of the Egyptian player upon his arrival at Istanbul Airport and commented: “The arrival of Mustafa Mohamed, the Galatasaray player.”


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