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Khaled Samir Khaled, grandson of Umm Kulthum, the grandson of the eastern planet, blew a resounding surprise about the date of birth and the name of the true Arabic singing legend, as he confirmed that her name is Umm Kulthum Ibrahim Sayed El-Beltagy, and not Fatima, which is the name on the birth certificate and the declaration of inheritance and the estate is her king, and her name is Ezbet Umm Kulthum and her father Ibrahim Sayed Al-Beltagy.

It also dawned another surprise that everyone mentions that her date of birth is late December 1898 AD, which is completely wrong as the true date of birth is May 4, 1904, and she died at the age of 71 years and not 76 as historians say.

The grandson of Umm Kulthum stated that she died on February 3, 1975, and a request was submitted to the Abdeen Court a week after his death from his aunt to issue a declaration of inheritance, and her legal legacy was receded from her husband, Dr. Hassan Al-Hefnawi, and he obtained half legally, and the remaining half was obtained by the sister of Mrs. Umm Kulthum according to the day Seventh.

Khaled, the grandson of Umm Kulthum, explained that Mrs. Umm Kulthum had a farm in the village, an area of ​​140 acres, and she was owned and owned by her father, including 40 acres for her father and 100 feddans for Umm Kulthum, and when his grandfather died, the 40 acres were divided and Umm Kulthum got 10 acres from them her share of the estate. And she donated 15 acres to the country, including 11.5 acres for the people of the village of Tamai, and 3.5 acres for agricultural cooperation and the health unit at the Ministry of Health, and the land of cooperation is a poultry farm, a house for events, a place for collecting crops and an agricultural association, which is what it provided to Tama to serve its people, in contrast to the war effort it provided to Egypt And other donations for the benefit of the country at the time of her life, stressing that she used to cooperate with the people and support them and send every year 2 lorries loaded with clothing to the people of the country and provide them with a decent life.

Umm Kulthum’s grandson continued his story about the legend of singing, saying: There had been a fire in the sixties in the village and I learned about the news, and I contacted the Arab Contractors Company at the time and suggested Tamai work as a model village, and one person intervened and decided to inspect the land and affected her decision and did not turn the village into a model as she had hoped.

As for the name, he said that Umm Kulthum’s mother was the one whose name was Fatima and not the eastern planet, saying: “The one whose name is Fatima is the mother of the six Umm Kulthum, and her name was Fatima al-Meligi Ali, and she was my grandfather’s mother, and she died in 1945 and our graves were in Tamai and she died in Cairo. At the time of her body transfer, Fouad Serageldin Pasha entered at that time and was buried there, and after making graves for us in the orchards, her remains were transferred to new graves, but my grandfather Ibrahim, the father of Mrs. Umm Kulthum, is buried in Tamai, and her mother is buried in Cairo.

On the effort and support of Mrs. Umm Kulthum to Egypt, her grandson said that after the setback in the year 67, she entered into a difficult psychological state and thought about how to help Egypt, and began scouring the governorates of Egypt, gathering respectable women, and collecting the gold of Egyptian women to donate to the Egyptian army, and held concerts in the Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Iraq and other countries And everyone donated his gold to support the Egyptian army, saying: “We wish officials to consider us, her grandchildren who live in conditions that deserve support, and we wish to establish a museum for her in the country to support it.”

Khaled, the grandson of Umm Kulthum, narrated a story about the beginning of Mr. Baligh Hamdi’s acquaintance with Umm Kulthum, as his uncle Ibrahim was a friend of the artist Muhammad Fawzi, and during a session with each other, Baligh Hamdy was about 21 years old at the time, and he was a young composer at the beginning of his path. He composed the song “Hob Eh” to sing it by Muhammad Fawzi, and directed it to Mrs. Umm Kulthum and said to him, “What did you want, Ibrahim?” He asked her to listen to the melody and lyrics of the song “Hob Eh”, and she liked it so much, and the singer Mohamed Fawzi left her to sing it Its time. ”

The grandson of Umm Kulthum confirmed that she had great positions with everyone and did not be stingy with anyone in the country, as there was an accident for his older sister, Fatima, who ran over a car on her back, and learned about the incident and was very upset and asked to be transported to Cairo for treatment in the best hospitals in Egypt. Another was with a person who worked as an “Arabji” in the village, and in the past he used to transport the drivers to irrigate the ghait on Karwa vehicles for great distances, and when he was walking near Cairo he carried his legs, and the horse was injured at the time and the veterinary medicine campaigns took the horse from him for treatment, but he was sad about the matter because his livelihood stopped and went to Umm Kulthum He told her the story, and she said to him: “This is in your interest and they will maintain your need .. Take the two pennies. Buy a horse until the next one is good and you will have two”, confirming that she was generous and generous with everyone and with Egypt throughout her life.


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