(Video) A child surprises his mother, the broadcaster, during her presentation of the newsletter … so what did she do? – Mix


Social media users were impressed by the reaction of an anchor who was presenting the weather forecast in the United States, as she was surprised by her child while she was presenting the newsletter live.

While presenter Leslie Lopez was presenting the weather forecast in the morning from her home on the American “ABC 7” channel, she was surprised by her 4-month-old baby as he appeared with her on the staff.

In front of the baby creeping in the leg of his mother, she laughed and dealt with the situation professionally and campaigned, and completed the presentation of the weather forecast without any problems before going out to an advertising break, to prove that working from home due to the new Corona virus pandemic has become an integral part of daily life at the present time Even by children boycotting business meetings with video conferencing.

The video was widely spread on social media, and many Twitter users praised the mother’s reaction, according to Russia Today.


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