Video .. Izzat Al-Alayli entered into a crying fit a month before his death for this Al


12:49 PM

Friday 05 February 2021

I wrote – Yasmine El-Sharkawy:

The great artist, Izzat Al-Alaili, disappeared today, Friday, at the age of 86. The name of the deceased is considered a milestone in the history of Egyptian art. His career constituted “milestones” in Egyptian cinema, perhaps the most prominent of which are “Earth”, “People of the Summit”, “Choice”, Between Al-Kasserine, Al-Saqqa Matt, Al-Berber and Al-Naboot, and others.

In a previous interview, which was shown a month ago on the program “Her Excellency”, Al-Alayli entered into a fit of crying on the air, affected by his speech about his late wife, Mrs. Sana, saying: “My wife, may God have mercy on her, is the owner of a very great merit in raising children, and I never need her. And I could not imagine that she would go away and let me go, hours I went like this, I was not alone in the whole house and there was no one with me, hours I could hear her voice, and hours I slept on her voice, may God have mercy on her, she gave me very, very much, and I cannot fulfill her right.

Issad Yunus expressed her deep sadness, when Al-Alaili surprised her with the news of his wife’s death on the air, saying: “Unfortunately, I still do not know for now that she does not exist. I don’t know the truth. The organizer of his life and his children is a recurring example in the women of Egypt, but she remains unique in her case, because she is the wife of this man, and the one who Arif healed, and salute to her noble spirit, may God have mercy on her and treat her well.

Al-Alayli concluded his speech on the authority of his wife, saying: “I swear by God, really, there was no need for anyone else, she was the one who was in control of every need.”


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